What is 7 on 7 Football? Positions, Rules, Teams and Players

What is 7 on 7 Football?

7 on 7 football as the name implies, comprises of 7 players in each team instead of the conventional 11 players on each team. This makes it so unique and entertaining, less defense and more striking.

7 on 7 is one of the most thrilling variations on football. It’s a fantastic way to train players’ skills and boost performance on the field.

7 on 7 Football Positions

As I mentioned earlier, 7-on-7 football is played by two teams, each consisting of seven players. The play-calling is simplified, and the emphasis is placed on route-running. 

Each team consists of:

  1. Quarter Back
  2. Snapper
  3. Five wide receivers.

The Quarter Back (QB) is a key player before and during every play, same role as a sweeper. The QB first directs the offensive in the huddle; more so, the QB calls out the play and receives the snap from the snapper.

Snappers tend to snap the ball between his legs and pass it to the quarterback. Depending on the league, the snapper can snap the ball sideways or forward.

Five wide receivers are allowed to run the routes that the quarterback directs. Linemen such as offensive tackles and guards are unnecessary because the QB cannot run the ball in 7 on 7 football.

Benefits Of 7 on 7 Football:

  1. Skills Development: The 7 0n 7 football tends to focus on passing, catching skills, route running, and defensive cover, which contributes to the overall development of players.
  2. QB Development: Quarbacks develop practical experience by reading defenses and making quick decisions. They also gain the ability to throw accurately when under pressure.
  3. Reduced Injuries: Without tackling, the risk of injuries is much lower.
  4. Training Offseason: 7 on 7 gives players a chance to remain engaged and improve skills during offseason.
  5. Team Communication: Players can improve their communication, coordination, and teamwork skills both on offense and defense.

7 on 7 Football Rules

  1. No contact is permitted in 7-on-7 football.
  2. The players will not be blocking or tackling in the traditional sense. There are, in fact, penalties for similar contact.
  3. Due to the lack of contact, traditional football helmets and pads are not worn. The players will wear shorts, pants, and a T-shirt that displays their team name and number.
  4. There will be two halves of 20 minutes each, with a brief halftime in between.
  5. Obviously, seven players from each team are required.

Famous Team in 7 on 7 Football

  1. Tucson Turf
  2. South Florida Express
  3. Defcon
  4. Florida Fire
  5. PrimeTruth

Famous Players that Play 7 on 7 Football

  1. PrimeTruth
  2. Henry Ruggs III
  3. Justin Jefferson.
  4. Tee Higgins
  5. Travis Etienne

FAQs About 7 on 7 Football

  1. Are there linemen in 7 on 7 football? 

No, linemen are not present in this format, making it a passing-centric game.

  1. Is tackling allowed?

 No, players are considered “down” when touched by a defender. Tackling is not permitted.

  1. How large is the field? 

The field is typically scaled-down, often around 40-50 yards in length.

  1. What positions are crucial in 7 on 7? 

Quarterbacks, wide receivers, and defensive backs play pivotal roles due to the nature of the game.

  1. Is 7 on 7 football played professionally? 

While there isn’t a major professional league, some smaller-scale professional events exist.

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