How Much do NFL Waterboy Make – Waterboy Salary in 2024

Waterboys are entry-level NFL jobs that do not require college degrees. Waterboy earns around $55,000 per year; that’s massive. Understand that this depends on the team, the applicant’s background, and experience.

The job is more than filling up Gatorade and water cups or handing out towels; they are part of of the team’s training staff. The Waterboys help the head trainers tape up players and learn how to keep them healthy. Thienmen said it was an apprenticeship for learning the craft rather than just filling up water bottles.

Understand that the NFL requires a large support staff to keep the players healthy. Waterboys and girls are a group that has a lot of responsibility at games and practices. It may sound funny, but keeping athletes hydrated is important for their health. These sideline staff are extremely valuable. 

How many hours do NFL Waterboys Work Weekly?

Waterboys usually work more than 42 hours per week during NFL season, and NFL teams typically have two to three waterboys working for them, covering all practices and games.

Unfortunately, waterboys usually get paid less in the off-season because there are no games or practice, except in rare cases. During the offseason, NFL teams usually only have one to two Waterboys.

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Waterboys who work in the off-season can be found at the team facilities for players to use if they want extra reps or to do some additional training.

Waterboys working for successful teams in large markets like New York or Los Angeles will make more money than those working for small market teams such as Jacksonville. Waterboys who work for successful teams in large markets, such as Los Angeles or New York, will earn more money than those working for teams from small markets.

NFL Waterboys do not get paid in the preseason. NFL teams have only a few waterboys working during preseason. They are either unpaid or work at a reduced rate as an intern.

What Exactly are the role of Waterboys?

NFL waterboys are vital to the health and performance of players. They are responsible for more than just delivering the water. Their duties include a variety of tasks that help the team function smoothly. Here are some of the main responsibilities for NFL waterboys.

  1. Hydration management: Water and other drinks should be available to players during games and practices so that they can stay hydrated.
  2. Equipment Assistance: Help manage and distribute equipment to players, including towels.
  3. Sideline support: Attend games and be on the sidelines to provide quick support to players in need of hydration.
  4. Communication Liaison: Assisted in the communication between players and coaches, relaying any necessary messages or requests.
  5. First aid Assistance: Provide basic first aid assistance such as ice packs and minor injury management.
  6. Pre-game Preparation: Before practices and games, set up hydration stations.
  7. Post-game Cleanup: Help clean up the sidelines after games. Collect used equipment and ensure it is stored properly.
  8. Laundry Duty: Launder the uniforms of dirty or sweaty players.
  9. Logistical support: Provide logistical support for away games by transporting all supplies with the team.
  10. Team Unity : Contribute to team unity by being friendly and supportive.
  11. Emergency Response: Prepare yourself to react quickly in unexpected situations, such as when players experience dehydration or any other health problems.
  12. Preparedness for weather conditions: Prepare for changing weather conditions by ensuring that players are comfortable.
  13. Adaptability: Be able to adapt to the changing nature of the game and respond quickly to player needs.
  14. Equipment Inventory: Keep an eye on your inventory to ensure you have enough water, towels, and other essentials.
  15. Professionalism: Recognize the importance of your role and conduct yourself with professionalism.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What’s the average salary of an NFL waterboy at first? Although starting salaries can vary, they are usually lower than the average, something around $55,000 yearly.
  2. Do NFL Waterboys receive additional benefits? Waterboys can enjoy many perks, including access to team games and events and their salary.
  3. Does being an NFL waterboy translate into a career in professional sports? Many former Waterboys have had successful careers in the NFL.
  4. Is there an age limit for NFL waterboys? Although there is no age restriction, the majority of waterboys are younger individuals who want to break into the sports industry.
  5. How do I apply to be an NFL waterboy? Applications are often made through the official channels of the team, and a passion for sport is an important plus.
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